Why do men get excited when women don't?"


Why do men get excited when women don't?" If you believe that the way a man acts or thinks is different from what his female companion thinks, this is a huge misconception.A man can't act like a woman. He can't think like a woman. He can't act out of character. And this is dangerous.Think about this. A man is someone who is unpredictable. He can act out of character. This is dangerous.Think of a woman. Imagine that she is your friend. She is always on your mind. She is always interested in your problems. She always wants to learn about problems and troubles. She can't possibly be interested in you. And she can't think of anything about you to do this is dangerous.Think of a man. Imagine that he is your friend. He knows all about your problems and his. He can help you solve them. He does not have feelings for you. He does not blame you. This is dangerous.Think of a woman. In this case, think about the man. Think about your problems and emotions. It is not your fault. It is not your role. Your role is to help. You are not responsible for your situation.If you feel that your man doesn't want to help, then this is dangerous.It is not your role to decide whether this is a problem or a feature. Your role is to take your situation into your own hands.If your man doesn't want to help, then you should immediately contact a specialist. A woman's experience makes it clear that she is not in your life and needs you. He can't help it. She can't say that she is not the best person for your relationship.If the man has in the future developed a mental disorder or an unhealthy relationship, then contact a psychiatrist urgently. A woman can help you understand her developing mental state and help complete an examination.You do not have to agree to disagree with him on everything. Try to understand where the deviation from the expected course begins. Disagree with his decisions at everything. To do this, you need to understand that your man does not want to help you. It is not your problem. It is your responsibility. Your man can help you understand the situation and how to resolve it. You will understand his decisions for yourself. He will understand that there are serious consequences for your actions. He can also help you understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of.When a man doesn't want to help, he is either a passive or aggressive man. Or when he wants to help, he is a strong man. Weak man. Weak man doesn't want to help. You can't do either of these things to yourself. You must create your own guilt so that the situation does not create a General one, and you do not become your own guilt when you do not want to help.So. Reject his help. Stop


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